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Go on a wild Adventure with Modern Problems Require Fantasy Solutions!

What do you do when the TSA's unnecessarily thorough cavity search made you miss your flight?

  1. Cast "Detect Ferrets"

  2. Go from a damsel IN distress to a damsel CAUSING distress?

  3. Contemplate cannibalism?

  4. Pull a sharpened dagger from betwixt your buttocks?

These are just a few of the hilarious options for you to choose from in Fantasy Solutions' new upcoming game "Modern Problems Require Fantasy Solutions". They reached out to me a while ago asking me to playtest the game so I got together with a few brave adventurers and gave it a shot!

The premise is simple and likely a familiar formula to anyone acquainted with party games. There are two decks of cards, one deck contains "modern problems" to present your group where they will have the chance to use their cards from the second deck of "fantasy solutions" to solve the problem in question. Both problems and solutions offer a wide variety of options from the normal and mundane to the hysterically absurd. With so many possible combinations every round is likely to have the table howling with laughter.

On top of that this game also offers a unique game mechanic to change things up a little: Spells and Curses!

While drawing from the deck of fantasy solutions players may find themselves presented with a spell or a curse. Spell cards may be used to help or hinder other players with hilarious effects such as requiring them to speak backwards or pretend to be riding a horse until their next round. But players beware! For magic is a fickle mistress and players may encounter a curse card which is immediately cast on THEM, forcing players to act out all manner of silly charades or any other number of comical effects.

Furthermore the game also comes with a set of Tavern drinking rules! Something, unsurprisingly, that this Drunken Bard greatly appreciated. With these drinking rules spells and curses also force players to tip back their tankards and take a swig!

This hilariously appropriate card was literally the first card I pulled from the middle of the box when I first opened it up.

For some additional fun there is also the option to have an NPC character named Screwbie join you! Screwbie comes with his own fun set of rules and if you're playing by the Tavern rules, if his card is chosen then EVERY player takes a drink!!!

One player was cursed to give one of their points to the first person they made eye contact with so of course I had to take a shot

This game is INCREDIBLY fun and all of our players had an absolute BLAST! By the end of the night we all wound up WELL in to our cups and had no clue what was happening by the time most of us were simultaneously affected by MULTIPLE curses.

If you're like me you may be hesitant to pick up new games due to the sometimes confusing process of having to learn a bunch of new rules and mechanics. Thankfully, Fantasy Solutions didn't try to reinvent the wheel here. They kept their game fun, simple, and easy for anyone to pick up and play!

It's not a stretch to compare the game to Cards Against Humanity. But, while I have personally gotten burned out and tired of CAH after years of playing that have left me feeling like there is nothing left to experience, this game offers a fresh new spin on the familiar party game formula. Between the unique problems and solutions, spells and curses, and the different crazy combinations of chaos that can happen all at once, this game seems to offer a limitless potential for entertainment.

Unfortunately you will need to wait before checking out the game for yourself as it won't be ready for pre-order until the kickstarter launches this August.

So grab your party and fill up your tankards, this game is one you DEFINITELY won't want to miss!!!

Click here to check out their website:

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