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Hello there

Artist - Entertainer - Three Crows in a Trench Coat

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site! I'm constantly tinkering away trying to make improvements so if you find anything broken please let me know!

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My Story

In 2017 I began studying Heathenry, AKA Norse Paganism. I joined The Asatru Community, eventually becoming a regional ambassador and Director of Public Relations. While I was in TAC I started taking on some artistic hobbies and decided to start a page to post, share, and sell things. Thus the Drunken Bard was born.

Over the years my page took on a life of it's own. I started sharing memes to generate a little traffic here and there and the things I shared seemed to resonate with folks because before I knew it the page was blowing up!

The page has lead to some amazing opportunities throughout the years. I've met some wonderful people and made professional contacts I never dreamed of. 

In 2022 we started the Drunken Bard's Tavern Facebook group which almost blew up overnight. Now with a community of more than 3000 we have started a forum here!

In September 2023 I took the plunge and decided to take all of the various hobbies and skills I have picked up over the years to start my own business, Drunken Bard LLC!

Some of the things I do include

  • Digital Art

    • Apparel designs​

    • Banners/Logos

    • Character portraits

    • Tattoo designs

    • 3D modeling

  • Physical Art

    • Bone, stone, and wood carving

    • Bone, stone, wood, and metal jewelry

    • Rune sets​

    • Abstract and "witchy" décor

    • EVA foam cosplay/costume props

    • 3D Printing

  • Services​

    • Wedding Officiation

      • I specialize in non-traditional weddings. Usually short and chaotic involving some form of funny costume.​

    • Social Media Consultation​

    • Website building

    • Event organization and management

Get in Touch

Drunken Bard LLC

PO Box 43

Spencer, IN 47460

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Discord
  • Threads

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