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Supporting my Local Game Store in the Nerdiest Way Possible

So a buddy of mine from school opened up a game store and he's got a really cool thing going on over there. The coolest thing about his store is that he has THREE ORIGINAL 1991 POKEMON BOOSTER PACKS.

I don't play pokemon and I don't collect the cards but I have a HUGE nostalgia boner for Pokémon and an ABSOLUTE GOBLIN BRAIN THAT LOVES OPENING CARD PACKS!!!!

I'm wanting to do what I can to help support his store so I had a fun idea.

I'm going to have a fundraiser and if we can raise $500 I will buy a pack and open them live on stream!

Every cent of this will be donated to the store, even if we don't hit our goal. If we hit $1000 I'll buy 2/3, and if we hit $1500 I'll buy and open all three.

I've already put down $100 towards this, if you would like to contribute I have a Ko-Fi goal set up to track our progress.

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