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Small Update on Stickers and Pins

Hey everyone! Just wanted to put out a quick update regarding the stickers and pins.

The orders are being made today and everything is expected to be ready to ship in a week or two!

The pre-order has gone pretty well so I'm even going to be adding a 5th super secret sticker so be on the lookout.

As of right now there should be plenty to go around but remember, the pin will be LIMITED EDITION, so make sure to get your order in if you want the black and gold bard pin.

Pre-order Now

(Subscribers, supporters, and founders: Remember to check your email for your exclusive 40% off discount link!)

This project is basically my way of kickstarting the official business so the better we do, the more bundles we sell, the more I will be able to do in the future!

If this goes well I am even looking at releasing a FULL SET of D&D class pins, more stickers, and maybe even a monthly sticker pack for subscribers.

Thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to seeing what beautiful chaos we can spread together. ❤️

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