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New website, who dis?

Updated: Aug 29

After wrestling with the idea on and off I finally decided to start my own website!

I've bounced around a lot over the years and struggled to keep everything tied together so I figured it was time to create a central hub for everything I do.

I started a Facebook page back in 2017 the page has grown and I've branched out in a million difficult directions its been hard figuring out the best way forward.

I'm making this page for a few reasons.

  1. To have a central hub and links for all of my various activities

  2. To migrate my shirt sales to my own site and set up a store to sell the physical goods my wife and I make

  3. Because it's cool and gives me yet another thing to hyperfocus on


Facebook is getting tedious...

I'm on Zuckerberg's shit list. My Facebook page, which is my primary platform, is constantly getting banned by poorly calibrated automated systems. I've been warned multiple times that my page is at risk of permanent deletion if I do not conform to the desires of our robot overlords.

I say fuck that noise.

I have been banned for things such as;

  • Saying mean words to racists

  • Showing screenshots of transphobic comments to dunk on transphobes

  • Posting grainy vintage photos that might(?) have had a female nipple

  • Posting a comic that was AT MOST PG-13 because it had the outline of a boobie.

I have met some truly amazing people because of that silly little hobby page and it would be a shame to lose that so here we are!


But wait, there's more!

A new beginning for The Tavern

While setting this site up I realized something unexpected: Wix hosts forums! (For those of you who aren't old enough, forums are the social media equivalent of rotary phones)

People have asked a few times if I would consider launching a bluesky or mastodon or whatever trendy new "Facebook killer" platform is popular at the time but I'm too old and lazy to go chasing trends when they seem to die out as quickly as they started.

So I figured if I'm setting this up why not see if we can get a Tavern forum going?

It's super basic and kind of janky at the moment but I'll be working on getting everything up and running as soon as possible!

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